Before & After

We put a new bottom and new fabric on this beautiful piece!

You just canít find quality furniture like this any more... so we brought it back to life with new inside filling, a new seat cushion and new fabric that is suitable for the age of the chair.

Update your room with a new color!

 Lauri did a wonderful job choosing wall colors and fabric colors & textures to enhance the beauty of her room!! Thank you for choosing us to help update your room.  It looks beautiful!!

So Worn!!   <<--------            


Back to life!!     ========>>




 How About a Fresh New Classic look?

*Following room was designed by: Catherine Greco Interiors

Bring your       chairs up- to- date    with a timeless        look !

No need to buy new ....                                                Look what a difference reupholstering can make!

  <---------From this

To this ----------->

 Then add the rest of the    pieces in a Beautiful       blue and you have a        wonderful new room!

It was time for this Black to go and time to complete the Purple room!

This looks softer and more inviting!             Has anyone seen my book?

We removed the table and add a new custom built section to the sofa to make this look complete.                              Fills in nicely.... ready for more company!

If you would like to keep your vintage pieces looking fresh... most often, we can make a perfect match with your fabric or vinyl!

Cracked seat?                      We can help with that!

All shiny and new!  

This chair seat was reupholstered at home, many people try this and find out that itís just not quite what they thought it would be.

We have the years of experience and crafsmanship behind us to give you what your looking for.                          This is a chair that demands a beautiful upholstery job.

           This chair will be          enjoyed for years to come!

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